Wildstar Reloaded


An outer-space MMORPG created by ex-Blizzard developers


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Wildstar Reloaded is an MMORPG set in a futuristic universe where different alien races live together and fight for the secrets of a recently discovered planet: Nexus. This planet, filled with incredible sci-fi locations, is where most of the action takes place.

You can choose from six character classes and eight races. The game is divided in two sides: The Exiles, a group of mercenaries recently arrived to Nexus in search for a new home; and The Domain, a powerful empire that claims the land as its rightful legacy. There are four different races on each side.

As usual in this genre, each class has a different style of play, and all of them complement each other. This means if your character is a warrior, you should probably make friends with a doctor or wizard, and vice versa.

The combat system in Wildstar Reloaded is also very similar to that of other games in the genre, especially other NCSOFT titles like Guild Wars 2. Each of your powers has a 'cooldown' time, with the most powerful ones taking the longest to recharge.

At the technical level the game is pretty flexible: if you have a powerful computer you can play with amazing graphics, but even if your machine is more modest you can still enjoy the game perfectly well.

Wildstar Reloaded is a fun MMORPG and even if it doesn't offer a particularly original concept or setting, it still presents quite an entertaining gaming experience.
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